11.18.2014 Insignificance

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 12.50.56 PM

I love Nicolas Roeg, but there is like half of his filmography that I haven’t seen. Film wisdom says that he fell off hard, depending on how generous you are this film is either the last good one or the beginning of the end. I like it. it is no Man Who Fell to Earth or Walkabout or Bad Timing, but it is not trying to be. For a chamber play brought to film it is pretty good, reminding me a touch of another 80s celebrity-what-if play-on-film Secret Honor. Not sure how much they actually have in common, but that is probably a pretty limited genre. I think I should seek out his other films after this, after all I end up liking a lot of the films that the world has decided to hate – let’s hope they are more One From the Heart or Ishtar and not late-period Wenders.


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