8.11.2015 All That Heaven Allows

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I have heard a lot of film writers try and use irony to save Sirk. I don’t get it, everything here seems so earnest and for me that  is what makes it really great. It is critical of society, but it does this pretty directly, not through irony. Anyway, this movie makes me cry throughout and is some of the greatest lighting you can find.

10.2.2013 Artists & Models

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The songs are pretty lame and Dean Martin does his best to ruin this movie, but it still comes out great.  Tashlin is at top form, Jerry Lewis broke me up almost whenever he was on screen, and Shirley MacLaine helps you forget about the main love story even more.

The best scene has to be Maclaine’s one song later in the film.  Her at turns attractive and ridiculous use of  a set of stairs to perform weird gymnastics/dancing and Lewis’ wonderfully aloof portrayal and great timing… This is what Hollywood films should be and if the comedies filling the theater now had any idea how to make me actually laugh I would be there in a heartbeat.