9.12.2013 The Girl Can’t Help It


Super fun, as usual for Tashlin, but odd in it’s possible message.  The film clearly wants to give a more complex portrayal to “the girl” and yet is fine using her for titillation.  maybe that adds to the complexity?  I wasn’t sure how to feel about it.  I think it could have gone from a cute film to a amazing film if it would have backed up these darker ideas, both the gender stuff and the danger of the mob boss, which mostly felt too goofy.  Is it weird to want to turn this film a little bit more tragic?  It seems like it’s all there already.

Also I imagine the music is a big draw, but it was oddly integrated and again formed an uncomfortable juxtaposition.  Featuring people like Abbey Lincoln, who I guess I have a more serious image of  than the pop showcase against silly hubbah hubbah antics was weird.  Still I enjoyed the movie a lot and it has stuck with me.