6.20.2016 The Trial

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Sometimes you come back to something you used to love and you realize how much you have changed. There was a time, maybe 10 years ago, where I would call this my favorite Welles. I still think the set pieces are amazing and there are great moments, but overall it feels a bit tedious. The angst doesn’t work as well for me as it did when I was younger and instead it just feels like a guy running into a wall for 2 hours.

2.3.2016 Ikarie XB1

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An interesting movie that feels like a transitional work for sci-fi movies. It is more concerned with philosophy and politics than earlier films, but still not as absolved of the goofy novelties of space as the upcoming “serious” run of films. I especially liked how human the drama was and that they allowed the characters a little space to breath. Some great sequences too, especially when they explore the lost ship.

10.11.2015 Hello Cubans

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A fun film, but dated. She excels when her politics are subtext instead of subject. I think it is because she is then able to give a more nuanced position and this nuance clashing against her expressionistic tendencies is where the magic happens.

7.26.2015 Bay of Angels

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It felt like it was lacking something for me, even though it was always at least fine. Maybe I expect more whimsy from Demy. Maybe I wish the movie was more focused on the woman, even though I understand the narrative use of using the fresh faced boy as the vehicle, he just was not nearly as interesting.

3.2.2015 Who’s Minding The Store

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Jerry Lewis is fun, I laugh at his movies. His early stuff with Tashlin is a best of both worlds, but at a certain point you wish Tashlin had let Jerry go alone earlier as you can feel what was once inventive getting repeated into the ground. Again, this is a good time, but nothing more, and that alone is a shame from both of these guys.