11.13.2014 Blowup

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Even though I love Antonioni I’ve always kind of avoided this one and I may have been right to. It’s not bad, but it feels empty in a way that his other movies are often accused of. But maybe it couldn’t live up to the comparisons in my mind – to Antonioni’s other films or to The Conversation, which for me was much more successful than it’s predecesor. This has great scenes, great moments, but didn’t come together for me. The mime scene was great and almost makes you think what you just saw had more meat than it did. While watching it I wondered why the vapidness presented here rubbed me the wrong way while the same thing in something like L’avventura clicks. I’m not sure if it is me of the film. Perhaps this feels more tangible and L’avventure more mystical. Certainly I start to miss the more composed shooting style of the earlier films, but in The Passenger that doesn’t bug me as much.