9.7.2015 Prime Cut

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A much better film than sanatorium, but another that feels like it needed to be pushed just a little bit more. That last bit of restraint mixed with some super generic and long action sequences hurts what is otherwise a fun lark.

3.3.2015 Essene

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I think I’ve found my new favorite Wiseman. This was a punch to the face, making me cry a number of times. Such a beautiful portrayal of fragile people. The moment that one of the monks performs Deep River was especially powerful for me.

9.11.2013 A Well Spent Life

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Taking advantage of Criterion’s Les Blank uploads on Hulu and filling in some gaps.  I have loved every film of his I have watched, but this might be my favorite so far.

I am left wondering if this kind of thing is really possible anymore – the innocence of his films, both the subjects but even him seems like something that would be hard to replicate these days.  certainly there are plenty of docs made now by highlighting the fringes of society, but they are generally too self conscious in style, too goofy.  Probably this is just the inherent nostalgia in a lot of Blank’s work talking, but that is certainly part of the appeal too.