07.18.2014 Mad Dog Morgan

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We continue our jaunt in Australian cinema with another film featuring David Gulpilil and another actor I love, Dennis Hopper. It’s an odd one, with a tone that is hard to pin down. Not quite a comedy, but crazy and goofy – a fever dream that I’m not sure is representative of the central characters psyche or how much the film was swayed by Hoppers state of mind at the time. The camera work went back and forth between a showy kind of b-rate 70s art film shooting and some very stale staging.  But I don’t know, it was fun, certainly not quite like anything else I’ve seen.  

9.30.2013 Mikey & Nicky



My pick to share this week.  Wanted to watch Falk at his best after Castles Keep.

Not much to say.  It is still amazing, and is a good reminder that films can be anything as long as they are good.  There are plenty of technical issues and stints of theatricality, but none of it bothers me when I am watching it because it is just so good.