7.23.2016 The Brood

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I just can never quite get into Cronenberg. This was interesting at parts, but I guess I wanted the connections between the family drama and the horror elements to be more expressionist – once things become explained it seems weird in a less interesting way.

12.1.2015 Before Need

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I liked about half of the film – the more lyrical imagery based parts – but when it cut back to the people talking I was generally bummed. Why is it that all people seem to talk the same in these movies? Slightly hostile while rambling about what sounds to be a satire on academics.

09.06.2014 The Hypothesis of the Stolen Painting

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I’ve been reading Ruiz’s Poetic Cinema and it definitely helps to give this context. Both seem obsessed with absurdity of the image and how much it can be manipulated. The book also makes me feel like the role of the curator is in some ways reflective of himself – obsessed, constantly taking things apart, magnifying details, etc. I can’t say I’ve ever seen a movie quite like this. I’m excited to explore more of his work.