12.31.2015 Tampopo

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Not exactly what I was expecting, but still a lot of fun. The moments where it bounces away from the main story feels almost like a Monty Python movie, but the tone is a bit hard to pin down. I can say I never knew where it was going and that made it a lot of fun.

7.15.2015 After Hours

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I hadn’t watched this in a long time, didn’t remember a ton, and kept hearing people praise it. I still find it pretty medium, maybe hurt the most by the casting of the main character. Dunne just doesn’t do much for me and his performance makes it confusing how I’m supposed to take certain things in the film. I know it partially wants to be a dark comedy, lynch-lite, but i’m not sure if the film wants me to laugh at the city or the protagonist. I almost get the feeling it is making fun of the yuppy fear of downtown new york in the 80s, but if that is the case, it doesn’t go far enough.

11.18.2014 Insignificance

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I love Nicolas Roeg, but there is like half of his filmography that I haven’t seen. Film wisdom says that he fell off hard, depending on how generous you are this film is either the last good one or the beginning of the end. I like it. it is no Man Who Fell to Earth or Walkabout or Bad Timing, but it is not trying to be. For a chamber play brought to film it is pretty good, reminding me a touch of another 80s celebrity-what-if play-on-film Secret Honor. Not sure how much they actually have in common, but that is probably a pretty limited genre. I think I should seek out his other films after this, after all I end up liking a lot of the films that the world has decided to hate – let’s hope they are more One From the Heart or Ishtar and not late-period Wenders.