7.21.2016 They Live

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 2.20.40 PM

So much of this movie is interesting and yet others are not helping – notably the first fight in the middle that seems to go on forever. But I like the chunkiness of it’s messaging. It’s mostly fun and probably something that plays better in memory than while you are watching it.

12.22.2015 Die Hard


Such a great action film. If more of them were like this I think I could see the appeal more, but sadly this seems like such an outlier.  Almost everything works, it is tense, it is funny, and even most of the emotional beats hit.

9.23.2015 Satta Ljus

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A nice little portrait of a film set, that just so happens to feature one of my favorite directors, cinematographers, and actor. It does a good job of translating the weird mix of intensity and stagnation that I often feel around a set.

9.12.2013 Une histoire de vent


I was looking through the 2012 Sight & Sound poll and decided to try some things I hadn’t heard of the were on the lists of people I liked.  This was on Charles Burnett’s list.  I am still not sure exactly what to make of it, but the scene where Joris trades his film cans for the wind mask a man has made and then it cuts to some of his old footage made me weep.  I’m not sure how often people cry at movies and whether they like it, but it almost always a good thing for me and honestly is one of the reasons I love film.  I have cried much more in a movie theater than anywhere else and that release is helpful to me.  Seeing as it is clearly a culmination of a man’s life work, I think I have some reading/watching ahead of me.

9.1.2013 Drowning By Numbers

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Great.  My favorite Greenaway changes back and forth between this, Prospero, and Cook depending on which one I’ve watched recently.  

Might be the best score ever, certainly the one I listen to the most.

While I can certainly pick out motifs and ideas , I always feel like some of his material is going over my head, but I also don’t care one bit.  The world he creates is so whole and intriguing that I just love spending time there.

The comparisons are easy to make in general, but this film especially feels like all the best Wes Anderson has to offer distilled down.