11.22.2014 Die Hard 2

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I like the first Die Hard film, and remembered thinking this one was ok too. I was wrong. It isn’t terrible, Bruce Willis is still in his charismatic prime and does his best, but he can only do so much. It was so self conscious about being a sequel, with so much of the movie only existing to remind you of the film you should be watching. The best part is the goofiest – the seemingly autistic janitor and his magical work area that Bruce retreats to from time to time.

09.08.2014 Life is Sweet

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This was really great and got a bit close to home in its later parts. hilarious and yet it still hits you square in the gut. I wish more social realist cinema was like this. The Aubrey character was all over the place in a good way – he starts off as a broad comedy charcter, you start to feel bad for him, then you hate him, then it cycles back around. It is really hard to pull off that varied of a person well.