3.25.2015 Die Hard with a Vengeance

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These movies just keep getting worse as they go on. Two obvious changes: Bruce Willis is what really makes the first one so much fun. As he goes on he looses that charm. Not sure if he is bored with Die Hard, bored with life, or just got too polished by the machine, but it is a noticeable decline. Also, a huge part of why the first one works is that it is all confined in the building and the local it crucial to the story. In the second we start expanding that out of the airport and now we have all of New York City to run around in. Also the racism talk comes off as forced and awkward.

1.16.2015 Batman Forever

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I wish Wong Kar Wai had directed this movie. Watching this again you can totally see why the Nolan films are what they are, but I don’t think they took the right lessons away. It isn’t that Batman needs to be “realistic”, the icon status and large overt themes are the best thing that the story and character have to offer, it is just stupid and boring and doesn’t know how to handle the artificiality as anything other than kitsch.

10.20.2013 JLG/JLG

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Late period Godard, let’s say from “Sauve qui peut ” and on.  Everything I have seen of these films are great and yet he can’t escape the shadow of the 60s in most people’s minds.  Their loss.

A quiet film, a throwaway perhaps, but a beautiful look at maturity.  This is so clearly a man who is inseparable from cinema, who thinks in cinema, who communicates in cinema. And so his oeuvre seems to follow the same arc as a life with the films then growing into a wistful nostalgia from a man too smart to buy into it completely.