11.4.2016 Punch Drunk Love


Somehow coming back to this, after watching it way too many times in the past, it feels both overly familiar and yet surprisingly odd. The different strands it pulls together are disparate and yet it all feels right. It makes stylized choices and fanciful plot – the sex line story makes very little sense if thought about much – feel natural. It creates a world that follows its own emotional logic and works. Great stuff.


3.25.2015 Ralph Ellison: An American Journey

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 9.11.03 AM

Just finished Invisible Man, wanted more context. I guess I got it, but this was also a bit empty. The re-enactments were pretty bad, especially for something that seemed so cinematic when I read it. Beyond the interesting struggles Ellison had with identity, which are very well dealt with in the book, this felt like the same old PBS doc you usually get.