11.01.2014 Los Angeles Plays Itself

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 11.01.45 AM

So glad I finally caught this. Not only does it contain such a treasure trove of movies that you want to revisit or seek out, but it really gives you another way to watch films. The documentary aspect of fiction films is (was) not a new idea, but I’ve never seen it treated with such discipline and intensity. Even the next day I was thinking about a project of my own and the films ideas on representation and place made me question and dig deeper into my own ideas.

9.16.2013 Desperate Man Blues

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As a movie it is okay, but nothing special.  As a man Joe has good taste in music, though he has silly views like rock music being a “cancer”.  A more interesting film might question these kinds of views, even if only implicitly, but they are just down for the ride.