8.5.2015 Restrepo

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 2.23.10 PM

I’m not even sure this was the goal, but for me it just made the whole thing seem so stupid. These people were put at risk to defend a valley so that we could a road that never seemed to be built and that none of the locals seemed to actually care about. As a film it is pretty good. It sacrifices some control for a sense of immediacy that is probably the right situation, but at times feels uninspired. Really the men carry the film and the film does a pretty good job of allowing them to.

4.19.2015 The Men

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I liked this. Simple, but it benefited from the other shorts it was shown with. I actually think none of these films would be as good on their own. It almost felt like an episodic film instead of a collection of shots.

10.19.2013 How To Make a Book with Steidl

make a book

Loved this.  It is exactly my kind of “light” entertainment – a portrait of an obsessive man who cares about a lot of the same things I do like art, design, and the tactile qualities of objects going around to some great artists around the world and planning out projects.  It’s like the same rush other people get out of watching their dream life as Batman, we just have different fantasies I guess.

10.14.2013 Monsters


Most monster films are 80% action and 20% bad dialogue and bland “character” moments.  This movie somehow thinks that flipping that ratio will make it more interesting.  Or it was all they could afford.  The small budget definitely gets a lot of the attention when talking about this film.  Curious to see what Gareth can do with his forthcoming Godzilla film because he was a lot better at the 20% of monsters than at the bullshit romance.