2.14.2015 All is Lost

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 1.02.24 PM

On the one hand, this was closer to what I would have liked Gravity to be like. On the other hand I felt like I respected its discipline more than I liked it. It was fine. I think it could have been shorter and I would have gotten the same thing from it. Robert Redford is fine, but maybe not as amazing as a lot of people said since he mostly is just asked to be alive.

12.06.2014 Double Play

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A charming little movie, but Linklater has always kind of rubbed me the wrong way, coming across like one of his Waking Life characters spouting bro philosophy at me and thinking it is way deeper than it is. Not only did he wear on me, but I couldn’t fully understand the basis of their relationship, when Benning would talk about Linklater’s work it seemed like he was really stretching to put it into a better light.

12.05.2014 The Congress

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Folman should stick to animation, because the live action sections are dead and it takes way too long to escape them. beyond that it was also a mess, but at least a beautiful mess. ideas and plot points were thrown out and shrugged off as we drifted through the poorly established world.