10.3.2013 Gravity


First off, this is an amazing technical feat and certainly worthwhile for that alone.  I was completely immersed in this world.

Sadly there wasn’t much to do gain from that beyond the thrill.

Richard Brody’s review was pretty spot on.  For example: “Gravity is a thriller that passes muster of seriousness, but its amazing technological extremes are yoked to the service of a musty, mild worldview.”

I really wish they had refrained from using music, or at least had used much less.  The power of the long and wandering camera seems undercut by a rote score that hits all of the right notes.

I really wish we didn’t have the easy-jokes-to-break-up-the-tension like “I hate space”.

But most of all I wish they hadn’t used the dead daughter backstory, which solely defines Bullock’s character  in the film and trivializes the awesomeness of the situation at hand by making it all in service of a a “life is hard, but you’ve got to keep trying” message.

Clooney telling her that she has to learn to let go as he drifts off make me want to gag.

Still I am tempted to go back and see it in 2D, why I am not completely sure.  If I can figure out how to turn my brain off it is a hell of a ride.