10.12.2014 Man of the West

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One of the best films I’ve ever seen about the father son relationship. This and Night of the Hunter put together sum up maybe the most emotionally accurate portrayal for me personally. The characters and situations are familiar, but are always twisted just the right way to feel real instead of tired. Lee Cobb especially goes all out, playing a theatrical character, but again finding the poetic truth if maybe not the realism.

10.12.2014 Reign of Terror

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French Revolution filtered through 40’s genre film making, especially film noir. I’ve never seen anything else like this and for that reason alone it was very enjoyable. Made me think of Winstanley, even though they are really not much alike. I guess there just aren’t many historical films that break from the heavy and overbearing traditional way of dealing with it. This was refreshing, if a bit rough at spots. It felt strangely visceral for this period of film making.