10.16.2013 Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench

Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 8.50.38 PM

I thought I was getting more of a new independent take on a musical, instead I got a lower tier mumblecore movie with a few musical numbers thrown in.  The camera work was atrocious with the combination of being unsteady and pushed in unreasonable close.  If they wanted to give me a headache they did a good job, but otherwise I saw no reason for it outside of ill informed Cassavetes worshipping.  I know I complain about this shit a lot, but until it stops getting so wrongly used I will continue.  Shooting handheld can be a good tool, but pasting it all over everything you do as shorthand for any synonym of reality is obnoxious and 50 years too late.  The final moment – when the main character expresses himself through his horn – almost redeems the movie, but instead just serves as a reminder of what could have been.  I really don’t understand the hype on this one.