4.1.2015 Law and Order

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Another great Wiseman film. I haven’t seen a film of his I didn’t like, but I think I prefer the earlier ones with a little more bite like this. I still don’t understand how he gets the access he seems to. Is it public right to film police officers? I just can’t imagine they wanted to have images of them choking women on screen.

3.3.2015 Essene

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I think I’ve found my new favorite Wiseman. This was a punch to the face, making me cry a number of times. Such a beautiful portrayal of fragile people. The moment that one of the monks performs Deep River was especially powerful for me.

2.19.2015 National Gallery


There is a lot going on here, but at its core it seems to be a movie about interpretation. There are most obviously the interpretations voiced by the different curators and all of the shots of people observing offer their own feedback, but it truly comes into focus with the art created in response to this. It takes many forms – the blind recreations, the nude modeling, the poem, the dances, but in its multitude it mirrors the feeling I get from most of his recent output – the chorus of democracy.

1.6.2015 State Legislature

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Wiseman’s touch might not be brash, but it is omnipresent in his films. Here he makes a film that is more or less like watching 4 hours of CSPAN and instead reminds you of what is great about this country without whitewashing anything. Everyone feels so sincere here and even when you don’t agree with what is being said it feels like everyone has come together because they really care and they really want to make things right. They should show this to the national congress so maybe they can remember why they are there.