5.17.2015 Parade

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What a great swan song. A blend of showing of his personal talents, while also dissolving the individual through the troop and the audience. Amazing at what he did with so little, yet sad that this was all he could get at this point in his life.

1.29.2015 Mon Oncle

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Perhaps because of the inclusion of the young boy, the stakes seem slightly higher here than in other Tati films and the typical longing/nostalgia veers into very real sadness. This poor boy is stuck with insane parents, parents who don’t really seem to care as much about him as they do themselves, and the one person who does care is shipped off.

12.24.2014 Jour de Fete

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I’ve always loved Tati based on mostly Playtime, but had never seen his first two films somehow. This was a treat, much more natural and human than the later films. The best sequence was  towards the middle with the postman trying to get home drunk. The film got so quiet during this part and really hit me in the gut for some reason.