12.04.2014 Farocki

benning 2

The opposite side of Benning – equivalent to drone music in the way I interact with it, the film colors my thoughts and maybe most powerfully, forces me to be there with this imagery for much longer than I would be otherwise, forces me to escape life for a moment and be alone with myself along with everyone else that is captive in the theater, everyone held as they have their personal experiences.

12.04.2014 Signs

benning signs

I don’t usually engage with Benning’s movies like I would most – instead they seem like settings to be placed in to thing, sometimes about what I am seeing and sometimes not. Here I was mostly thinking about purpose and context – What happens when Andres Serrano takes these signs from their original setting and places them in the context of art? What happens when James Benning then films them? Is it different? Why the fade from color to black and white? When so little manipulation is used every decision seems to be so crucial.