1.24.2015 Goodbye to Language

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Astounding. My interaction with later Godard is a lot how I listen to music – I follow rhythms, abstract strokes at larger feelings, and occasionally a lyric or more direct meaning cuts through coloring all around it.


10.20.2013 JLG/JLG

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Late period Godard, let’s say from “Sauve qui peut ” and on.  Everything I have seen of these films are great and yet he can’t escape the shadow of the 60s in most people’s minds.  Their loss.

A quiet film, a throwaway perhaps, but a beautiful look at maturity.  This is so clearly a man who is inseparable from cinema, who thinks in cinema, who communicates in cinema. And so his oeuvre seems to follow the same arc as a life with the films then growing into a wistful nostalgia from a man too smart to buy into it completely.