08.10.2014 Gun Crazy

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The leap in quality for this one is amazing. I suppose that is the fate of the b-movie director, as good as he was he couldn’t completely transcend the story/cast/budget he was stuck with. I love touches like the recurring store front windows, reminding Bart of his past.

08.10.2014 My Name is Julia Ross

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This was slicker than So Dark The Night, but also a bit duller.  Still much better than it probably should be. Interesting how the two most powerful roles were really the housekeepers, though you might not notice.

08.10.2014 So Dark The Night

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A movie that was probably much more impactful if you had seen it when it came out since this kind of self-indicting story has become very vogue. It was still a lot of fun though. Lewis is a great example at how good direction can save not amazing source material. The camera moves and staging are very economical and when you start to realize there are only like 4 sets in the whole movie it gets even more impressive.