10.7.2015 Gap Toothed Women


Radiating joy. Revisiting this after getting a better understanding of Blank and his different collaborators really makes me think about the relationships he had with the different women he worked with. You almost get the idea that this film mirrors those relationships – there is a weird fetishizing that somehow through its genuineness comes across as positive.

1.19.2015 Burden of Dreams

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 4.11.56 PM

Weird to watch again in the midst of Blank’s other films. It isn’t completely alien, but also feels like the one time his subjects personality almost overtakes the film. I still think it is better than the Herzog film, since Fitzcarraldo is essentially a conceptual piece and here you get that and a whole lot more. At the same time this seems to be one of the foundations of the cult of Herzog, a growing nuisance of him as pop-culture joke/macho icon that has superseded his role as an artist and become quite tiresome.

12.03.2014 Dry Wood

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 11.48.35 PM

This is Blank in top form. It is really amazing how much he can get out of seemingly so little. Someone in one of the extra interviews i think hit a big part of it on the head – trust. the comfort that these people have with Blank and his camera is key to the direct connection you feel.

12.1.2014 God Respects Us When We Work, But Loves Us When We Dance

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 6.03.44 PM

I hate hippies. This was okay, but I must admit it is odd going from mostly knowing Blank as a chronicler of lower class society, to the petty bourgeoisie of the 60s counter culture. That and the lack of sync sound really make it stand out, but I am glad for its inclusion in the set as it breaks up a lot of assumptions and makes you reconsider his body of work in a more complete manner.