4.12.2015 The Gay Divorcee

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One of the advantages of the Astaire/Rogers films sticking close to their formula is you can really appreciate the differences that are there. It’s a thin line between Astaire’s character being determined and being a creep and this film errors on the wrong side of that a bit much. It’s also weird how much the film doesn’t seem to know that its two stars are its best asset, leaving us with the backup dancers for way too long towards the end. It is still great fun, this is my kind of humor, but I’d put it towards the middle of the A&R films I’ve seen.

10.5.2013 Blue Skies

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An odd movie, like a lot of more interesting movies at the time it is always seemingly at war with itself.  One of the reasons I watched it was because I remembered Scorsese saying it was one of the things that inspired New York New York and that makes sense with the strained relationships.  Still the whole does not live up to some of its parts, the best being Crosby singing to his abandoned child.  For the most part this is a blandly directed piece that isn’t as funny as it thinks it is.  One of the better Crosby performances I have seen, but an underused Astaire.