11.1.2015 Mr. Turner

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Man did the trailer make this seem like a totally different film. Instead of it being some blunt film about Turner challenging the art world you get a fragile portrait of what feels like a real human and artist. The imagery is excellent. The only thing holding it back for me is that it sometimes slips so far into opaqueness that I can’t get a good grasp on Turner. When so much of the characterization in the film is being built by his responses to the things around him, not always being clear what those responses are can be frustratingly distancing.

09.08.2014 Life is Sweet

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This was really great and got a bit close to home in its later parts. hilarious and yet it still hits you square in the gut. I wish more social realist cinema was like this. The Aubrey character was all over the place in a good way – he starts off as a broad comedy charcter, you start to feel bad for him, then you hate him, then it cycles back around. It is really hard to pull off that varied of a person well.