11.4.2016 Punch Drunk Love


Somehow coming back to this, after watching it way too many times in the past, it feels both overly familiar and yet surprisingly odd. The different strands it pulls together are disparate and yet it all feels right. It makes stylized choices and fanciful plot – the sex line story makes very little sense if thought about much – feel natural. It creates a world that follows its own emotional logic and works. Great stuff.


10.23.2015 Junun

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 10.30.01 AM

I often am unsure as to how useful film and really any visual medium is to music. Concert films generally seem unnecessary and concerts too outside of the rare performer who can be both actor and musician at the same time. And it is the same with this film. But the music is great and the people radiate the joy of creation. I’m sure it also helps that this is the only context i have for the music. It was fun even if I am not sure to what end.

1.6.2015 Inherent Vice


I never hated this movie, but never loved it either. The parts never seemed to add up to anything more. It also was pretty flabby. I get that the narrative is intentionally muddy, but feel it would be easier to be forgiving of that if a half hour or so was cut. I want to watch it again, maybe it will work better, but it was a let down coming off of what I thought was his best movie yet.