8.6.2015 The Last Patrol


Out of the 3 films I was most excited for this. Sadly it really doesn’t fulfill its promise. You start to wonder who it was that directed the talking heads in the last two, because if there is a main problem here it is that I don’t feel like we really get inside any of these guys. They open up at times, but it always still feels very guarded.

8.6.2015 Korengal

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 2.25.59 PM

Literally Restrepo B-sides. What it is loses is the more emotional structure, but it gains the ability to go on tangents.  It would probably be a better movie if some of this footage had just been edited back into Restrepo for a new cut.

8.5.2015 Restrepo

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I’m not even sure this was the goal, but for me it just made the whole thing seem so stupid. These people were put at risk to defend a valley so that we could a road that never seemed to be built and that none of the locals seemed to actually care about. As a film it is pretty good. It sacrifices some control for a sense of immediacy that is probably the right situation, but at times feels uninspired. Really the men carry the film and the film does a pretty good job of allowing them to.